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Accurate Precise Assembly

Not only it is precise and accurate, we also provide innovative assembly solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Very often you will find new product driven requirement which is not able to be fulfilled by mainstream equipment. This is exactly where we can help. If you are not satisfied with off-the-shelf solution, talk to us.

Vacuum Soldering System

Originally driven by Power Device application, void free soldering has become the non negotiable requirement of reliable soldering joint. Today we have seen this requirement spread over to other non-power device application, a sign of market recognition of the importance of Vacuum Soldering Technology.

We have solutions which are derived from more than 30 years of vacuum soldering technology…both with and without flux.

Ultrasonic Welding

For high quality metallic connections, Ultrasonics Welding is the technology which enable reliable and robust joints. It provides excellent electrical properties in the connection area, as a result of low thermal stress of the workpieces. This technology enables engineers to develop new generation of Power Module which can withstand higher operating temperature.

Heating Cabinets & Industrial Ovens

They are industrial systems that heat up products and parts to a desired temperature up to 220°C and to cool them down afterwards. They are industrial systems that heat up products and parts to a desired temperature up to 220°C and to cool them down afterwards.


Pick & Place, Feeding, Handling, Sorting, Dispensing, Curing, Testing…and the list goes on, where high efficiency is needed and where manual labour is not able continue to sustain such an operation, AUTOMATION is the way to go.

Power Modules Testers

In semiconductor market, one of the segments which saw rapid growth in reason years is none other than Power Device. With the increasing awareness of protecting the environment, green energy whether in deriving renewable energy from solar and wind or simply making motor more energy efficient, is the driving force of Power Device market.

This unit segment, especially when devices are packaged in modules, command innovative testing solution, which is to make complex testing simple…



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