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Power Modules Testers


Company History

CREA is an Italian company established in 1992, by a team of electronic designers with a long time experience in Automatic Test Equipment. Long time experience spent inside the laboratories of semiconductors manufacturers, allow us to have today a specific know how to develop semiconductor test systems (static and dynamic tests) for IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, DIODE and all kind of power modules ( IPMs) on today market.

  • 1994: CREA introduced the DTS2012, a  combined static  and dynamic IGBT-MOSFET tester
  • 1996: CREA realized the DTSA03,  static  tester based on PC with 14bit DAQ card for power modules direct parameters verification. A new user-friendly interface was introduced
  • 1999:First MTsystem was created. Complete static parameters tester based on new hardware platform.
  • 2006: High flexibility relay matrix has been integrated into MTsystem to test IMP modules.
  • Today: MTsystem tester series is a base platform for Desktop tester MT050, high power tester MT100HP, Wafer tester MT050WT.

Test solutions for Power Semiconductors Industry


Crea System Highlights

  • User friendly interface.
  • Wide ranges of voltage/current generators.
  • Interfacing:
    + manual/automatic handler,
    + wafer probers
  • High speed test execution
  • Data logging available in ASCII format
  • Categories and binning.
  • Reports e statistics
  • Remote test program editing
  • Multi-chip device testing, with layout descriptor utility.