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IP-500 Desktop

IP-500 Desktop, Infotech, Dispenser, MICROSCREW, AFB0375, 1080x1620

Desktop Factory

High precision, multi-functional desktop platform with the possibility of adding application specific peripherals from the Infotech COMPONENT MATRIX. Processes which have been developed on IP-Desktop systems, can be transferred to the production line without modifications:

  • Aluminium casting structure with an opening of 560mm
  • Cartesian X and Y axes mechanism 400mm x 400mm
  • X and Y axes optical linear encoders and linear motors
  • Synchronized motion control system for all axes
  • Head and table peripherals from COMPONENT MATRIX
  • Highest accuracy dispense and assembly processes
  • Various assembly tools, nozzles, grippers and dispensers
  • Time pressure, micro screw or jet dispense processes
  • Available as table top system or as stand alone system
  • Manual, semi automated or fully automated operations
  • Infotech VisualMachines application software