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INFOTECH Automation

All of Infotech’s products and the products developed for customers are specifically designed to meet the advancing technical, price and performance requirements of the today’s automation industry.

Core competencies in hardware and software:

  • Product design, value engineering, optimization & entire process from the idea to the final product
  • Precision mechanics, synchronized motion and vision for the automation industries
  • Automation and process know how in the Surface Mount Technology and  Semiconductor markets
  • Peripheral design strengths based on functional requirements
  • Access to high quality engineering  and supplier network

IP-520 Eutectic Bonding

Special Equipment Assembly Line

Polyimide Dispenser with load-and unload modules

  • Polyimide Jet-Dispenser using Liquidyn P-Jet
  • Nitrogen clean module
  • Jet-dispenser
  • Substrate heater
  • Optional load-and unload module

IP-520 StakPak dispenser

  • Dispense glue to StakPak housing
  • Assembly completed substrate
  • Cure
  • Unload to stack tray feeder

HiPak-Power module production line

Cell 1:

  • Load substrate from stack, laser mark DMC, check DMC and load substrate onto carrier
  • Load graphite jig from tray feeder onto substrate in carrier

Cell 2, 3 and 4:

  • Cut, pick and place preforms into the jig
  • Pick diodes IGBT and NTC from Wafer and place on preforms in jig
  • Load weight assembly to be loaded onto the stacked assembly

Cell 5:

  • The finished package is being loaded onto a Pink oven XL Tray (465 x 330 mm)