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Ultrasonic Welding

logoSchunk Sonosystems more than 35 years experience in ultrasonic welding technology As an established partner we offer more than standard solutions.

From Product design to in-production services, we support our customers.

  • Electrical and Electronics Industry
  • Air-conditioning and Cooling-Devices Industry
  • Photovoltaic Industry
  • Solar Thermal Power Industry
  • Automobile Industry

Ultrasonic Metal Welding – the Process

The parts being joined are rubbed together under slight pressure and high-frequency mechanical oscillation.

This creates a metallurgically pure connection within a fraction of a second.

Schunk Sonosystems GmbH
Ultrasonic Metal Welding

  • Market leader in Ultrasonic Metal Welding
  • Worldwide recognized as specialist in the field of Ultrasonic Metal Welding
  • Pioneer of this future oriented connection technology and matured the procedure already during the late seventies through groundbreaking progress
  • More than 35 years experiences in Ultrasonic Metal Welding
  • More than 10 years competence in Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Power Module industry
  • Optimal customer care thanks to our worldwide network of local subsidiaries and local sales/service partner for on-site support
  • Customer related welding tests and support in special applications by our own laboratory
  • Comprehensive training for operation and commissioning at our schooling center or at the customer’s own location
  • Telephone-Service-Hotline and reliable Schunk-Online-Service
  • One face to the customer – Ultrasonic Metal Welding AND Automation Solutions
  • Patented dynamic process control (monitoring of pressure, height, energy, power and time)
  • Application specific system adaptation up to complex assembly lines
  • Reliable process results due to special enhanced machine design
  • Improved concepts for the linking of Welding Systems with customer specific MES systems
  • Optimized system integration of subsequent processes for saving footprint, costs and cycle time (e.g. particle cleaning, pattern recognition, DMC reading, laser marking, etc.)
  • Embedded tool adjustment and quick change solutions
  • Design in accordance with CE guidelines