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Special Applications


Ultrasonic metal welding is a well-developed and established production method for joining non-ferrous metals.

From the food industry, where food items are sealed in aluminium packages, to the electronics industry, which uses this method to make contacts for capacitors, the  plumbing industry, in which multilayer composite tubes are welded, to the automotive industry, where contact current systems are joined, ultrasonic welding can be found in nearly all branches of industry.

Particularly in applications which place high demands on the joining process, such as the welding of enamelled wires, ultrasonic welding is replacing conventional joining methods like resistance welding or crimping more and more.

Our wide technology basis with its manifold applications calls for and promotes new sets of solutions, speeds up the innovation process and makes Schunk Sonosystems the leading expert in the field of ultrasonic metal welding.

Slip ring contacts


Fill level indicator

Filter air condition and refrigerators

Composite tube


Connecting system fuse block


Enamelled and stranded wires to eyelet terminals

100 enamelled wires