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VADU Automation

Fully customized automation soldering solutions by Pink

The integration of soldering systems into existing or newly developed production lines are designed and produced by PINK with particular focus on customer’s automation processes.

The requirements of the customers range from the optimization of the carrier handling through surrounding transfer systems up to connection with pick-and-place machines and robot automation.

The continuous collection of process data guarantees reproducibility, product quality and process reliability for all systems.

System features

  • Void-free solder connections

  • Soldering with preforms and / or pastes

  • Individual soldering profiles

  • Process temperatures up to 400 °C

  • Controlled temperature gradients

  • Short cycle times

  • Separate soldering and cooling chamber

  • Flux-free soldering with formic acid

  • Flux management

  • Inert gas atmosphere

  • Residual oxygen content < 5 ppm

  • Reproducibility of the soldering results

  • Traceability

  • Permanent process control

  • Ethernet interface

  • Remote maintenance (VPN)

  • Low energy and media consumption

  • Internationally patented system

Explore the soldering system VADU 300XL with robot automation