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Power Modules


Power modules are used in a variety of applications. Among other uses they serve as components in drive and power-supply systems in locomotives, in wind turbines as well as in automobiles. With the advent of hybrid-vehicle engineering, these components have become indispensible for the automotive industry.

The advantages of the ultrasonic welding technique: low contact resistance, high current-carrying capacity thermally and electrically stabile joints as well as good potential for automation come fully into play here and lead to increased performance and longer useful life of the modules.

A further benefit in the automotive field is that an additional cooling circuit now becomes unnecessary, owing to the increased permissible temperature of the power module.

Power module

Cu main terminal 1 on a power module

Nickel-plated sub terminal connection on a power module

Cu main terminal 2 on a power module

Flat flexible cable to DCB

General benefits of Ultrasonic Metal Welding, e.g. soldering

  • High quality intermetallic connection with high reliability
  • No additional material necessary
  • Excellent electrical and thermal properties in the connection area
  • Connection of different materials is possible
  • Connection of parts with different thickness is possible
  • Relative small thermal stress of connected partners
  • Clearly measurable and adjustable process parameters/settings
  • Extensive process control
  • Flexible Welding Systems which are good automatable
  • Short cycle times / process times
  • Small electromagnetic stress of connected partners