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IP-520 Cell

Main Features

High precision, multi-functional production cell with the possibility of adding application specific peripherals from the Infotech COMPONENT MATRIX. The system uses an open design with easy access to all the possible peripheral areas and uses the Infotech high dynamic dual Y-axis drive:

  • IP-520 platform integrated inside the Infotech IC-1000 Cell
  • Welded frame with an aluminium casting structure platform
  • Cartesian X and Y axes mechanism 400mm x 400mm
  • Optional 270mm, 340mm or 540mm X axis available
  • Optional 620mm Y axis available
  • X and Y axes optical linear encoders and linear motors
  • Synchronized motion control system for all axes
  • Infotech VisualMachines application software
  • Head and table peripherals from COMPONENT MATRIX
  • Highest accuracy dispense and assembly processes
  • Various assembly tools, nozzles, grippers and dispensers
  • Time pressure, micro screw or jet dispense processes
  • Flexible component feeders and substrate transport systems
  • Full enclosure for safe but rapid motion on all axes
  • Can be integrated into a multi cell production line