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MT 200 Family

Modular system that meets the customer device range

MT200S Tester system

MT200S Tester system with ADP08

  • AC testing: 30V to 4500V – 10A to 6KA

  • DC testing: 30V to 7500V – 10A to 10KA

  • Multipoint front-end: the new challenge on power modules testing
  • Up to 4 gate drivers available
  • Multi-chip modules testing w/o expensive test socket/fixture
  • Low stray inductance matrix concept applied
  • Up to 4.5kv/6ka power range
  • Customizable based on device
  • Configuration and package
  • From s/s to 3l npc modules covering
  • Available with power modules automatic handlers

Low parasitic effect

  • Specific output front end
  • Total Ls “is less than” 20nH at the system connector
  • Total Ls “is less than” 100nH at the device pin/lead
  • High di/dt achievable (up to 10A/ns) w/o destructive over voltages

Fast new product setup

  • Simple test fixture replacement
  • New device layout definition
  • Restrained cost on new product release
  • Hot temp (up to 175°C) and ambient testing easy switch

MT 200 Family Technical Specification:

Voltage  Current Voltage  Current SCT Power Gate Sense Optional Optional WAFER/Die  Substrate Discrete Module
MT200S L160 W80 H180 2800V 1000A 16 26 50
MT200D L160 W80 H180 1500V 3000A 3000A 16 26 50
6000A 6000A
MT200DS L160 W80 H180 2800V 1000A 1500V 3000A 3000A 16 26 50    
6000A 6000A
MT200D-HW L160 W80 H180 4500V 1000A 2000A 3 4 8
MT200DS-HW L160 W80 H180 10KV 1000A 4500V 1000A 2000A 3 4 8
MT200S-HP L160 W80 H180 10KV 6000A 8 16 16
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