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CeraTHERM® catena

The vertical CeraTHERM® catena systems are very space-saving industrial ovens.In contrast to horizontal continuous systems, these are constructed for each individual customer, based on the room height available. That way, they make it possible to save up to ten per cent of the production area, compared to the horizontal ovens. Each system is made up of at least one processing tower, each of which includes an upward and downward line. First of all, the parts are conveyed up to the oven entrance. Using the drivers of a transportation chain system, they are lifted upwards within the thermal system. At the top of the system, the parts are transferred horizontally, before commencing their downward progress. A separate temperature zone can then be set up within each transportation run. By combining any number of towers, complex temperature profiles and very long curing times can be defined, according to the requirements of the process.

Suitable for inline use

As each one is constructed individually, CeraTHERM® catena systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. This can take place either on a “inline” basis, but also in the form of “bypass” integration by placing the parts on special multiple product carriers, thereby further reducing the amount of space required. If the product carriers of the production line are temperature-resistant, they can be used directly inside the thermal system itself.