Inspection System


S3088-III - Automatic optical inspection of electronic assemblies - high performance and economical


Application area

Reliable and economical defect detection with fast process optimization are the challenges facing modern electronics production. EasyPro3D and Integrated Verification provide the S3088-III with the highest inspection depth and optimal support for operation. Inspection program creation is fast and easy. With Viscom’s Superior Lifted Lead Detection and OnDemandHR function even the most difficult inspection requirements, including solder joint analysis of fine-pitch ICs and 01005 chip components, can be achieved without defect escapes. This optimally equips the electronics manufacturer – whether an EMS enterprise or small operation – for IPC-compliant electronics production.



• Inspects large printed circuit boards up to 508 mm x 508 mm (20“ x 20“)

• Highest inspection depth with 8M cameras

• Superior lifted lead detection

• Fast program generation with EasyPro3D

• Selective high resolution with OnDemandHR

• Orthogonal and angled view in high resolution and in color

• System self-test ensures stable inspection performance

• Zero defect through Integrated Verification

X7056 - Worldwide unique - Simultaneous automatic optical (AOI) and 3-D X-ray inspection (AXI)


Application areas

New electronic products are arriving on the market today in increasingly rapid cycles. Time allowed for development and modeling is getting shorter, as demands for quality rise. The automatic optical inspection (AOI) of printed circuit boards has established itself worldwide. Manufacturing with miniaturized components such as BGAs, µBGAs and CSPs, however, requires a positive and cost-effective quality inspection process that also locates concealed defects - with extensive inspection depth and high throughput.



• Worldwide unique: simultaneous automatic optical inspection (AOI) and 3-D X-ray inspection (AXI)

• 3-D X-ray inspection (AXI) with choice of resolution at 4, 7 or 10 µm per pixel

• High positioning accuracy allows exceptionally precise 3-D X-ray evaluation

• Automatic optical inspection (AOI) with switchable resolution OnDemandHR operation

• High inspection depth with maximum throughput rates through integration of 8M camera technology

• Color evaluation for additional defect characteristics such as copper exposure and color-coded component properties

• Short handling time

• Modular system can also be configured for straight AXI

• Fast and easy program creation with EasyPro3D in AOI and AXI modes

• Space-economical; compact housing is only 1.3 m wide




Solder defects


FlipChip Underfill Void