Die Bonder / Dispenser / Micro-Assembly Equipment


Our supplier designs, produces and delivers highest accuracy positioning systems for the automatic execution of precision processes with the comprehensive component matrix: PLATFORMS - ASSEMBLY - DISPENSE - FEEDER.



Desktop factory

  • Jet/Time-Pressure dispenser
  • Syringe presence control
  • Needle calibration
  • Height measure sensor
  • SMD-Assembly
  • Pick from wafer, die and flip chip
  • Wafer map import
  • Gel-Pak support
  • Relative assembling
  • Substrate heater
  • Board carrier



Production line

  • Component mount
  • WPC Transport system
  • ID-Inspection
  • Host communication
  • Component tox process
  • Component test
  • Component calibration
  • Laser writing
  • Plain writing inspection
  • Product unload
  • Traceability software
  • Tool less change over



Pneumatically operated High-speed Valve for none-contact jet dispensing of media with high viscosity.


The Micro-dispensing Valve P-Dot is designed for none-contact dispensing of adhesives, silicones, lacquers, oils and greases. Because of its extreme short triggering time (<= 1ms), it allows the application of smallest quantities of high viscosity media at distances ranging from 2 to 40 mm with pin point precision. The amount of fluid, possible to be dispensed, can be varied between 10 and 200 nl per triggering. Depending on the medium, dot sizes of a minimum of 350 nm up to 2000 nm can be realized.